Welcome to Sagar Sawali..


"It's amaizing"... people say about Sagar Sawali. We know... what matters more is affection & tradition of welcome. Standing on the seashore; within a 30 minutes drive from Dapoli, Sagar Sawali at Karde & at Ladghar has set milestones in Konkan's tourism development.


The innovation made 20 years ago has widely opened the doors of development in Konkan.


The person behind all these activities is Shri. Bapu More; the man with the vision. In his own words, "We believe in offering the best facilities & services to our guests. Today after 20 years, we are proud to say... "people not only visit Konkan; they visit Konkan to experiance Sagar Sawali's hospitality."


Traditional Konkani cuisine is our speciality. The recepies are made in a similler way of years of tradition. It can be said as a USP of our hospitality business.