Sagar Sawali Dapoli Ladghar Karde

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"presenting a newer approach... with overwhelming tradition of welcome"

"It's  amaizing"... people say about   Sagar Sawali.  Location matters but what  matters more is affection & tradition of  welcome. Standing on the  seashore; within a 15-20 minutes   drive from Dapoli, Sagar Sawali has  set a milestone in Konkan's tourism development. The innovation made 20  years ago has widely opened the doors of development in Konkan.
The  person behind   all these activities is  Shri. Bapu More; the man with  the vision. In his own words, "We  believe in offering the best  facilities & services to our guests. Today after 20 years, we are  proud to say... "people not only visit Konkan; they visit Konkan to  experiance Sagar Sawali's hospitality."
Traditional  Konkani cuisine is our  speciality. The recepies are made in a similler  way of years of tradition. It can be said as a USP of our hospitality  business.
Overwhelming traditionally...

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